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  Consumer products


A range of parapharmaceutical and dietetic products directly aimed at the consumer for the maintenance of joints, bones, muscles, teeth and skin. The activity of these products is based on the properties of the pure hydrolysed collagen protein produced by Protein S.A.

It consists of a line of food products (CLASSIC and COMPLEX), and a cream for muscle and sports massage (FISIO).

The information on COLNATUR’s range of products, their activity and applications are extensively described in the website dedicated to the product

In Spain, COLNATUR is sold in the parapharmacy section of pharmacies, and in parapharmacy and dietetic stores, and its sale is rapidly spreading worldwide.

If you represent a company which may be interested in commercially distributing COLNATUR in your country and is prepared to do so, we suggest you to enter the webpage of the product, referred to in the link above, in addition to the following link to the section dedicated to health professionals

You can then directly contact our export department, which will gladly assist  you: / tel. + 34 972 493154